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Thank you for the very pretty award, Lorna
GypsyRose/Sharon Rose
Thank you so much,
Very nice pages
Thank you for sharing your wonderful site with us

Do visit her site, Wordsflow 
Thank you very much for the award, Linda
Thank you sooo much, Richard!
I'm honored to be a member of your voting list and of course to have received your award.  Your music sites are among my very favorites, as well
Thank you so very much, Chris
I appreicate this
Everyone..please do visit her wonderful site, Tears of Joy

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Thank you, Donnalee
I do hope that each of you choose to check out Kit Carson 's beautiful bronze artwork and his wife's collection of pretty dolls which she creates.  I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit. 
I certainly did.
Another very nice site. 
Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us, Rose.
Thank you for the pretty award, Lola & Jeff
I appreciate your kindness
Chris...thank you for your congratulations, this award,
and for everything you've done for me!

Thank you very much for this award, Barb!
I really appreciate your help. You're a fantastic friend!
I truly thank you, Beverly and Mike.  I am so flattered to be given this award from you...the creators of such an awesome website.  To everyone who likes Oldies sites, Heartbeats 1 & 2 is certainly one that I'm sure you will thoroughly enjoy. 
I browsed through Sammy's website for the 1st time one night recently and found that he has put forth a lot of effort in creating an interesting site for us to look through and read.  I certainly enjoyed my visit and hope that you have the opportunity to stop by his site, as well.
My thanks to him for sharing.
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