While surfing the internet, I read a few articles about the 60s and 70s and glanced through lists of items, etc.  I decided to collect a couple, in hopes that you may enjoy reading them. You may or may not know all of these facts, but either way, I hope you find some of them interesting. 

Prices In 1962

pack of chewing gum .05 
candy bar .05     
ice cream bar .15    .  
Buster Brown shoes 3     
tennis shoes 5        
movie ticket .50       
popcorn at the movie .20 
soft drink .10       
fast food hamburger .20  
45 rpm (single) record 1  
music album 3.00       
gallon of gas .31      
1st class postage .04     
pay phone - local call .10 
color TV set 400     
transistor radio 40     
daily newspaper .10      
refrigerator 500        
doctor's office visit 5     
new home 15,000     
new car 2,500   
medium family income 6,000 per yr
minimum hourly wage 1.25
Federal/State/Local taxes 20%  
1960: The soviets shoot down a U.S. spy plane; John Kennedy is elected president; and Chubby Checker introduces the Twist..
1961:  The Russians and then the U.S. put a man into space; the Berlin wall goes up.
1962:  K-Mart and Wal-Mart open; Russian warheads in Cuba bring the world to the edge of war.
1963:  President Kennedy is assassinated; Dr. Martin Luther King declares, "I have a dream."
1964:  President Johnson declares a "war on poverty," ushering in the "Great Society."  But he also plans the huge escalation of a much larger war to be fought half-way around the world.
1965:  Civil disturbances over race and the Vietnam war play in increasingly larger roles in American society.
1966:  The Supreme Court issues it's "Miranda" ruling; U.S. troops strength in southeast Asia reaches 400,000.
1967:  The first heart transplant operation is performed: race riots kill dozens in Detroit.
1968:  Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy are assassinated; President Johnson declines to run for re-elecion; Richard Nixon wins the presidency.
1969:  Th U.S. lands a man on the moon; teens celebrate at Woodstock, then demonstrate in Washington.
1970:  Campus demonstrations close down several colleges: four die at Kent State University.
1971:  The "Pentagon Papers" are published; President Nixon freezes wages and prices.
1972:  President Nixon wins re-election in a landslide; but the break-in at the Watergate seals his fate.
1973:  The military draft ends; the Supreme Court legalizes abortion; the noose around the president's neck tightens.
1974: Richard Nixon resigns; President Ford declares, "One long,
national nigtmare is over." The youngest of the boomers are nearly teenagers; the oldest are nearly middle aged.
1975:  "The Greatest" retains his title in "The Thrilla'in Manila"; Saigon falls and the U.S. bails out of Vietnam; but "Jaws scares the living daylights out of us.
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